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Blue Custom 2 - Released on Android FREE - Indie Prize Nomination - Sea Frenzy

2015-04-09 09:07:30 by jjwallace

A few months ago Sea Frenzy (blue custom 2) was featured at the Indie Prize awards in San Francisco.

The nomination was wonderfull however i didnt win any awards.  Please try out the demo of the game. I am still working on it and adding features.



Download to android and try it out, i just reduced the price from 99 cents to FREEE!!! NO ADS


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2015-04-11 10:00:49


You should drop a game on Newgrounds sometimes more often. :)

jjwallace responds:

Ill try to come up with some new games, hopefully soon i will have this air android thing working... i am focusing a lot on mobile games at the moment, i cannot make flash games pay the bills :(


2015-04-21 16:14:57

Looks fun! :D To bad I'm on an iPhone. :(


2015-09-06 07:22:17